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The White Room (a short story) pt.6

MONDAY MORNING I woke to the sound of someone rushing to the bathroom and pouring a five gallon bucket of water into the bowl. Or, that’s what I tried to imagine as I squeezed the pillow against my ears. Sunlight filtered into the room through a thin gap at the top of the window. I glanced around the room. Matt lay on the other couch. His mouth hung open with a foamy trail of spit running out of it. Unblinking eyes stared blankly at the ceiling. I threw off my blanket and slowly crouched next to him, terror started to sweep over me, I watched waiting for his chest to rise or his eyes to blink.  I reached my hand out to touch him, that’s when he snapped his head to the side and went AAH! My heart leapt, and I lurched backwards falling on the Xbox controller. Matt sat up laughing so hard tears rolled down his cheeks as he wiped away the wad of spit with the back of his hand. You mother fucker! I think I pissed myself. Oh dude, you should have seen your face, that was priceless. God dam
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The White Room (a short story) pt.5

SUNDAY AFTERNOON The base area looked like the morning after Mardi Gras, plastic solo cups and beer cans littered the snow. A pile of ash and a charred picnic table still smoldered in the center of the pavilion. The ring of dry bricks around the fire hinted at how big the fire had once been. We saw pant legs and  snowboard boots sticking up from behind a low wall as if someone was kicked back with their feet up. Cliff walked over and checked, that guy is definitely dead, he said as he walked back. The rumble of a crowd started getting closer, we rounded a corner, and there they were. We were greeted like outsiders from a distant village. The groups shared stories and the people of the mountain gave us bacon and baked goods. We combed our pockets for gifts we could share. A loud boom rang out from up on the mountain . The ski patrol was bombing the runs to trigger avalanches. I could only imagine the huge slides they were setting off today after fourteen hours of epic snowfall. A cheer

The White Room (a short story) pt.4

SUNDAY MORNING I felt my dog Rosie nudging me with her nose. That dog has an internal alarm clock and won’t relent until I feed her. I reached across the bed for my wife, I felt nothing. I opened my eyes, I was wrapped in a comforter  on the floor by the record collection. Matt was standing over me tapping  me in the ribs with his foot, my head hurt. Everyone else was up and buzzing around the house.  After an extraordinary breakfast, Hapka was putting on his boots to get more firewood. Matt and I both went to help. Almost three feet of snow had fallen overnight. I grabbed a snow shovel and started clearing snow around the doorway. Matt walked a few feet to a tree and started to take a leak. Hapka walked towards the wood pile. We heard him say, huh, that's a messed up rabbit. Matt was still peeing but he said, every species has their version of Cliff, even the rabbits. Nah man, look at that thing, it looks like it’s dying. We all looked at the small animal. It still pushed with its

The White Room (a short story) pt.3

SATURDAY AFTERNOON After showers and fresh outfits we decided to drive the three miles down the hill into town. Walking to the parking lot behind the hotel we saw a group of people and learned that the town shuttle bus had stopped coming. I stuffed three more dudes into my car for a short uncomfortable ride into town. Two were locals, and the other guy had become separated from his friends he was visiting with. We parked near the bus stop and the hitchhikers thanked me and wandered off. The sun was dropping behind the mountains, lighting up the sky with a vivid sunset. In the four way stop a police suv sat with lights flashing. A policeman with a bull horn announced that an emergency shelter was being set up at the school. A line of cars was streaming into town, and they were all diverted towards the school. The parking lot was full and vehicles started to fill the soccer field. Parked  among the cars were two Copper Mountain parking lot shuttle buses and several Summit Stage buses.

The White Room (a short story) pt. 2

SATURDAY MORNING The next morning we started with a few laps on some steep groomers. Matt and Cliff  hadn’t skied in years, but it didn’t take long to dust off the cobwebs. Muscle memory kicked in and soon they were laying out smooth fast carves. As for snow, most of the rocks were covered, but it had been over a week since anything new had fallen. We worked our way around to the backside of the mountain. Kevin brought us to some of his favorite stashes on the mountain. This jogged Matt’s memory and soon he was rediscovering lines he had first done in his prime. We stopped at a secret smoke spot hidden in the trees. Smoke and laughter soon  filled the air as we shared more stories and legends. The day wasn’t about logging vert, it was about the four of us enjoying this place that we loved. Cliff stepped back and pulled his phone out to take a picture. He was walking away from us and he stopped dead, looking at his phone. Oh shit! Hey guys… he ran back holding out his phone. This is f