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Arkansas Eclipse trip '24

I’d better do another bike post before I drop more fiction on you people. Sorry, it’s coming. Also I’ve been reading a ton of Bikesnob NYC blog posts. I really don’t know how he does it, Ok maybe getting paid to write posts helps. But he’s so good, and he drops two bangers every week! He’s kind of what convinced me to start a blog. Just write about bikes and the rest will come together. I did do a bike trip though, to Arkansas! I keep explaining this to people so I might as well tell it here. Bentonville, AR is the hometown of Walmart. They have their corporate office there and a Walmart museum and tons of Walmart stuff. Ironically it’s a small town where Walmart is supporting all the locally owned independent shops…weird. But, the story goes, some of the Walton heirs are into mountain biking and they asked Gramps for some land and money to build trails. So, hooboy! Did they ever! The internet is full of videos describing what’s out there. The Disney Land of Mountain biking is a pre